The Library

          In 2012 The Plungė Municipal Clock Tower Library began a new life, due to the fact that the library was moved to a reconstructed castle with a clock tower and adjacent greenhouse. The library building is a state protected cultural heritage site complete with restored mid-19th century clock mechanism and a very rare and well preserved example of a 19th century orangery. The clock tower, and now the library are part of the ensemble of Duke Mykolas Oginskis' estate which is located in the city park. This Ducal ensemble is very important and significant in both a cultural, social and natural sense not only for the city but for the country as a whole.
          Plungė Municipal Clock Tower Library is the oldest surviving brick-build building in Plungė (completed in 1846) and for this reason and many others some of which were outlined above, the staff have adopted a very powerful ethos: The responsibility to protect, to uphold and make the world aware of the noble aim, object and activities of the institution.
          The library has taken on a new color and form and became an outstanding and unusual space with unique participation options culturally for both locals and tourists. This purposefully chosen location drastically breaks library concept norms and challenges the time tested "dusty old library" as a source of information while completely transforming the institution's image.
          While visiting the library: historians will receive historical knowledge, architects will admire the building and distinctive Clock Tower and reading buffs will love library because of the books and friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the library.